UK (SOAS University of London) A small and fresh environment-friendly flower shop

In many people’s cognition, “green” words such as flowers, green leaves, flowers and plants always seem to bring us associations related to the beautiful nature: these earth emissaries carry negative oxygen ions to clean the air and nourish everything. But behind this pleasant scene, there is a truth that may not be well known: the flower industry is not an inherently sustainable industry.

Flowers are often shipped around the world to reach our desired destination. In addition, when providing services for large-scale events such as weddings and funerals, the flower installations are also full of disposable plastics – cable ties and flower foam. The latter has become notorious in the flower industry because of its non biodegradable characteristics: foam is not only non compostable, but also its material is synthetic, which means that chemicals can penetrate into water, shorten the life of flowers, and damage the nature that breeds beautiful flowers.

Do these cruel facts mean that we should no longer buy flowers to protect the environment? Don’t jump to conclusions. Let’s take a look at how these three environmentally friendly flower shops in London solved this problem and embarked on the road of sustainable development!

Jason Boon, the founder, insists on not using disposable plastic. He recycles all waste, uses fine wire to make flower arrangements, and resolutely does not use flower foam. In addition, all his flowers are distributed by a company (Urban it) that only uses public transportation or walking to minimize the generation of exhaust gas.

Although environmental protection concept is the primary principle of Jason Boone, it does not mean that Boon Flowers’ flower quality is inferior to other flower companies. Unlike most flower shops, which import flowers from the Netherlands, Jason chooses to purchase flowers from the UK and choose different plants according to the season. Each season gives a new feeling. For example, you will be surrounded by narcissus, cornflower and British lavender when you enter Jason’s flower shop at the upcoming turn of spring and summer.

Flower shop location: next to Queens Park Station, West London

The most beautiful flower shop in the world should be just like this! Mairead and Athena, the owners of this Eden, have been engaged in flower art for 20 years. Every morning, they will purchase seasonal flowers from

New Covent Garden flower market.

At the same time, they also made great efforts to improve the “environmental friendliness” of the flower shop: they spent several months persuading the borough of Hackney to provide them with a green dustbin to ensure that they could effectively recycle; Use fine wire as much as possible in flower arrangement. When they have to use plastic, the plastic will be reused many times instead of just once. What makes Rebel Rebel different is their immersive flower experience: in Tuscany