Sichuan University (China) First case in China WCH completes domestic robot-assisted Bronchoscopic Lung Nodule Biopsy

Recently, Professor Li Weimin and Professor Liu Dan along with their teams have successfully completed the first domestic robot-assisted bronchoscopic lung nodule biopsy in China. This is the first in-man (FIM) clinical trial of lung biopsy performed by a domestic bronchoscopic surgical robot, and also an important step forward for the bronchoscopic robot in the field of lung disease diagnosis. The bronchoscopic surgery robot involved in the operation, also known as the robotic arm-controlled bronchoscopic navigation system, is jointly developed by West China Hospital of Sichuan University (hereinafter referred to as “WCH”), Shanghai Chest Hospital of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Chest Hospital”) and Shanghai Minimally Invasive Medical Robots (Group) Co., Ltd.(hereafter referred to as Minimally Invasive Robots), which fills the gap in relevant fields in China.