Finland (Sibelius Academy) ELIA Bi­en­nial Con­fer­ence 2022: No Stone Un­turned

The conference will tackle big questions such as climate crisis, inequality, the changing role of arts education and students’ demands for radical change.


ELIA Biennial 2022 seeks to create an open exploratory space for all. A place where the unique complexities facing higher arts education today can be picked up, turned over and closely examined to see what lies beneath.

The conference searches for greater understanding and engage in necessary dialogue to enable the growth of resilient, dynamic ecosystems which embody and feed the needs of humanity the environment, the arts and social justice.

The conference welcomes thought leaders from the arts and academia, practitioners and professionals, students and changemakers.

Through a host of enlightening and confronting workshops, keynotes, presentations, installations, performances, experiments and roleplay – the Biennial will leave no stone unturned.

European network in higher arts education

ELIA is a European network that provides a platform for exchange and development in higher arts education. It represents 260 members in 48 countries, across all art disciplines. Uniarts Helsinki is a member of ELIA.