Qingdao University of Technology (China) QUT 2022 Best Major Online Summer Camp Was Successfully Held

The first Best Major Online Summer Camp in English organized by Qingdao University of Technology (QUT) was successfully held from July 18th to July 25th, 2022. Faculty and Staff members from the Office of International Affairs, College of International Education, School of Civil Engineering, School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, and School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering gave a series of culture and major lectures. The summer camp attracted more than 300 students and teachers from universities at home and abroad, such as the Russian Federation, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Serbia.



At the opening ceremony of the summer camp on July 18th, Prof. ZHANG Kai, Vice President of QUT delivered a speech in English on behalf of QUT. He introduced the history, characteristic disciplines, and faculty of QUT, pointed out that the summer camp provided an international academic and cultural exchange platform for teachers and students all over the world, and hoped that campers could make full use of the precious opportunity to try to be an inter-disciplinary talent with international vision first-class professional knowledge and proficiency in English. Then, Dr. FENG Chao, director of the International Department of the School of Civil Engineering, gave a speech as a representative of the teachers, hoping that students could conscientiously learn relevant professional knowledge and application projects, and constantly improve their professional quality.


Five English lectures were given in the summer camp. The first lecture on “China, Shandong, Qingdao, Qingdao University of Technology” was given by Dr ZHOU Hongyan, Director of the Office of International Affairs, Dean of the College of International Education. With some pictures and video shows, the participants knew more about the history and traditional culture of China, Shandong and Qingdao. Especially the best majors of QUT, international cooperation projects and major scientific research achievements were introduced.

The second lecture, ” Infrastructure Made in China “, was delivered by Prof. ZHANG Peng, Dean of the School of Civil Engineering, Prof. WANG Yan, Prof. WANG Xuchun and Prof. YANG Guotao. Four professors respectively gave wonderful academic lectures and introduced the great contributions made by QUT in China’s large-scale infrastructure construction and scientific research. Participants showed keen interest in the content of this lecture, and Vice Dean LIU Junwei and several other young backbone teachers answered their questions in detail and had warm interactions with the participants.

The third lecture entitled “Water in China” was given by Prof. LIU Changqing, Prof. XIAO Yihua, Prof. SHI Xueqing and Dr YIN Zhixuan of the School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering. With the theme of “water” combined with the environmental professional characteristics, the professors introduced the geographical occurrence and differences between China’s different water resources, the differences between global drinking water and industrial water use, and the new sewage resource recovery technology.

The fourth lecture with the theme of “Beautiful City, Beautiful Life” was given by Ms XU Chong, Dr ZANG Xiaolin, Dr JIANG Naibin and Ms ZHANG Yiping of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning. The lecture introduced the overall appearance of Qingdao from three aspects of urban scale, street scale and landscape scale, showing the representative design works of the faculty and students so that students can understand how to change the urban living environment through planning and design.

The fifth lecture with the theme of “Intelligent and Green Manufacturing in China” was given by Prof. GUO Feng, Dean of the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Prof. LIN Tianran, Prof. SUN Shufeng and Dr ZHANG Guangming. By means of video and live experimental broadcast, the lecture covered tribology and surface engineering, 3D micro-nano printing, whole-life cycle fault diagnosis and management, laser high-end manufacturing and other aspects, which comprehensively introduced the development history and future trends of China’s intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing to the participants. This lecture introduced the great achievements and international exchanges of intelligent and green manufacturing at the Qingdao University of Technology.

The five wonderful lectures attracted teachers and students deeply. Everyone took part in the Q&A session actively. Teachers and students said that all the lectures were interesting and very impressive and the summer camp was an unforgettable and fruitful academic and cultural trip.

On July 25, the Students’ Presentations & Closing Ceremony was hosted by Dr ZHOU Hongyan. Faculty representatives and all the participants of the summer camp attended it. There were 12 excellent students at home and abroad who made presentations about what they had learned during the summer camp in English. Finally, Dr ZHOU Hongyan congratulated the campers who had completed all their study and welcomed the overseas students to continue their postgraduate study in QUT. The summer camp came to an end with a video review of the summer camp.

By organizing this Best Major Online Summer Camp in English, the Office of International Affairs and the College of International Education join hands with professional schools to show the discipline strength of QUT and build a bridge for QUTers to communicate with the world. At the same time, the successful holding of the online summer camp is also a new exploration of working mode for the international exchange of QUT in the post-epidemic era, which provides strong support for accelerating the construction of the high-level university and high-level discipline, the connotative development of QUT and the improvement of international education level.