Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador ( Ecuador) Research Master’s In Biology, A Door To Development

Researchers from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE) discovered six new species of frogs in 2022 . They resurrected a yeast from 1566, recreating the oldest beer in America . They are studying frog peptides as a cancer cure or conservation issues like Galapagos hotel cargo . This is just a sample of the potential and importance of research in the development of a country.

Scientific research , a key instrument for the progress of humanity, contributes to the resolution of problems, the quality of life and the well-being of people.

In this context and consistent with the objective of constant innovation, the PUCE presents its research master’s degree in Biology .

“Research goes hand in hand with the development of a country. In this sense, we believe that this new academic offer is very important for Ecuadorian society , ”says Dr. Omar Torres , coordinator of the master’s degree.

Research Master in Biology

With this three-semester postgraduate course, PUCE hopes to train scientists capable of carrying out high-level research that contributes to the knowledge of biodiversity . Also, that they respond to current problems related to the environment and public health.

The research master’s degree in Biology , which is part of the new academic offer PUCE INNOVA , offers three mentions:

Conservation and management of natural resources ,

Biomedical sciences,

Ecology and evolution .

PUCE INNOVA is a set of highly relevant careers that respond to the needs of society , to the changes in the contemporary world and to student demand.

Advantages of a Master’s in Research

A research master’s degree allows you to continue doctoral studies immediately. In addition, it gives the student a more competitive professional profile in the national and international labor market.

“This master’s degree will result in an academic article. This paper will be published in high impact journals. A direct step to a doctorate ,” says Dr. Andrea Muñoz , researcher and professor at PUCE.

The advantages of this master’s degree at PUCE
Within this postgraduate training, the PUCE has a group of high-level professors with extensive experience in research in various branches of biology.

“PUCE, without a doubt, is a benchmark in the area of ​​scientific research in the country and in the region. We have more specialized professors with Ph.D than other universities in this field in Ecuador ”, emphasizes Dr. Torres.

More than 80% of the professors of this master’s degree have a doctorate. The PUCE has specialists in amphibians, mammals, forest ecology, plants, and tropical diseases, among others.

Other advantages

It is the only university that has an internship and research training space like the Latin American Health Research Center (CISeAL) .

The PUCE, within this master’s degree, also has agreements with prestigious national and international institutions such as: Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine , University of the Armed Forces , Charles Darwin Foundation , Ingenio Azucarero del Norte and University of Glasgow .

Finally, by being part of PUCE INNOVA, the student has the 4 + 1 option, which allows after four years of a bachelor’s degree to continue the master’s degree with one more year of study.

“If you like biology and you detect that you have research skills, this is the best option” , concludes Dr. Muñoz.

We will wait for you

Study a research master’s degree in Biology , in one of the most megadiverse countries in the world, and be part of the more than 27,000 PUCE students who will leave their mark.

This master’s degree, which will be in face-to-face format, will open in the first quarter of 2023. If you want more information, we invite you to visit our Biology research master’s degree website or write to the email lotorres@puce.edu.ec .