Egypt (Pharos University) Pharos University wins the first and second prize in the Student Film Competition at the Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries, the 38th session

Pharos University in Alexandria wins the first and second prize in the Student Film Competition at the 38th session of the Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries. Where the prizes for the Student Film Competition went to the film “Good Morning, My Neighbor” by director Maram Ali, and the second prize for the film “Desperate” directed by Rahma Yasser.The winning films came from the production of graduation projects for students of the Media Arts Department at the Faculty of Art and Design at Pharos University for the year 2021-2022. The design has many participations and cinematic awards in many local and international festivals since its inception, culminating in two international awards from the latest graduation projects for the academic year 2021/2022. A role in the film industry in Alexandria and the films presented by its professors and specialists that reflect the range of experiences and skills acquired by students from careful study that have a close relationship to link the student to the labor market.She also confirmed that the Department of Media Arts continues to support students enrolled in it in all cinematic forums and is keen to provide students with technical and academic experiences that help build a graduate capable of competing in the film labor market since its inception until now.