Nigeria (Nile University of Nigeria) Wikimedia Foundation Offers Digital Literacy Training to Nile University Community

The Library Department of  Nile University, in collaboration with the Wikimedia Foundation, organized a one-day digital and media literacy training for the academic community of the Nile University of Nigeria.

The training themed “Wikimedia Awareness Edit -a- thon” aims to boost academic research, promote open knowledge and enhance the digital and media literacy skills of the staff and students of Nile University of Nigeria.

Instructors and resource persons for the training came from the Wikimedia Foundation and the academic division of Nile University of Nigeria. They included Mrs. Folasade Adepoju, the President of the Nigerian Library Association Abuja chapter, Mrs. Obiageli Ezeilo, the Coordinator of Abuja Wikimedia Hub, The founder of Kwara State University Wikimedia Fans Club Ms. Bukola James, and Librarian Mr. Olabisi Olatunji, from Nile University of Nigeria.

These speakers taught on “The Right Attitude Towards Media Contents and Identifying Fake News,” “The Metrics for Picking Top 3 Editors and Monitoring Edits on Wikipedia Dashboards,” and “Wikimedia Foundation Overview,” respectively.

Through a series of one-month competitions starting November 1st to the 30th, tagged “Edit -a- thon” the trained participants will be required to put their newfound literacy abilities to the test through citation and editing of Wikipedia content to foster the credibility of Wikipedia as an open source medium.

A Section of Nile University Academic Community who participated in the 2022 Wikimedia Edit-a-thon.

This digital training and media literacy awareness for the Nile University community is coming on the heels of the Global Media and Information Literacy Week, a major event commemorated by Nile University as a stakeholder for the signs of progress achieved toward Media and Information Literacy for all, which is celebrated every year from the 24th to the 31st of October.