UK (University of Salford) New media production company created by students

Two third year television and radio students have partnered together to create a media and audio production company and are working on a six-part podcast about an American couple and their sacrifices for their religion, Mormonism.

After enrolling on a radio feature podcasting module as part of their course at the University of Salford, Niall Hegarty and Joseph Hillier decided to turn their new-found interest in the audio documentary style of journalism into a media production business, Spectral Productions.

Spectral productions provides audio packages ranging from audio documentaries, radio content and jingles.

“The market for podcasts and audio content Is only growing, there’s so many different elements and so much we can create.

“We want to jump straight into that market and create entertaining, meaningful content. We like telling stories and the world is full of them.” said Niall.

The duo also has an ongoing comedy news podcast The Cuppa Joe that delves into the world of weird and wonderful news. Their most recent episode discusses the elaborate escapes of orangutang Ken Allen from San Diego Zoo. The comedy podcast will release its fourth and final season this May after three previous successful series.

Niall and Joe are eager to get their podcasts released on BBC Sounds and work with the likes of Radio 4, whilst also wanting to develop their business and begin to take on new commissions and clients

While studying at the University of Salford, the duo sought the help from the purpose-built business incubator Launch@ Salford, to help develop their business. Launch@ was established in 2018 to aid students and graduates in developing and growing their business ideas. It enables users to gain access to specialist support and guidance from a team of business advisors, alongside providing them with office space and financial aid over a period of six-months.

Joseph Hillier, from Ellesmere Port said: “Launch has been amazing! We’ve learnt so much already about how to build up and develop our business.

“Having both studied very creative degrees, neither of us really had that much knowledge about starting a business, so launch has been vital in teaching us everything we need to know.”