University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg) New collective bargaining agreement for University staff

Joint communication of the rector of the University, Prof. Stéphane Pallage, and Virginie Mucciante, Head of the staff delegation

Dear members of the University of Luxembourg community,

We are pleased to inform you that the University and the OGBL trade union have renegotiated the collective bargaining agreement. This agreement clarifies and improves the working conditions of the University’s employees. It will enter into force on 1 July 2022 for a period of three years. The amendments to the convention concern the following elements:

Working time

  • Introduction of home working, the modalities of which are governed by the home working regulation;
  • Modalities of application of flextime;
  • Clarification of on-call and overtime arrangements.


  • Leave for personal reasons:
    • Possibility for employees on fixed-term contracts (CDD) to use the current 40-hour quota to attend job interviews;
    • Possibility of extending this leave by an additional 40 hours for exceptional and duly justified reasons.
  • In exceptional cases, possibility of unpaid leave of less than 6 months regardless of seniority and type of contract.


  • Doubling of the annual budget for staff training.


  • A one-off bonus for all fixed-term staff (CDD) on the payroll on 30 June 2022;
  • Introduction of a loyalty bonus for employees with 10 and 20 years of service from 1 September 2022;
  • Increase in the face value of meal vouchers from 8.40 euros to 10.40 euros from 1 January 2023;
  • Salary increase for employees who have not had an increase in the last 4 years.

The new agreement also includes a detailed chapter on the prevention and handling of situations of harassment, violence and discrimination at work.

The partners also agreed to set up working groups focusing on:

  • actions to promote health and environmental protection at the workplace;
  • an analysis of a potential complementary pension system;
  • internal mobility.

The negotiations took place in a very constructive atmosphere despite the general context of economic uncertainty linked to the COVID crisis and the war in Ukraine.

The new agreement was approved by the University’s Board of Governors on 20 May 2022 and signed on 24 May 2022 by the representatives of OGBL and the University. The agreement regulates the working conditions and remuneration of the University’s employees. It applies to members of the teaching and research staff and to members of the administrative, financial and technical staff, with the exception of members of the management team, heads of administrative departments, student employees and trainees.

Further information can be found on the University’s Intranet pages (access limited to uni staff)

Best regards,

Stéphane Pallage
Virginie Mucciante
Head of the staff delegation


Manon Meiresonne (Deputy Central Secretary OGB-L), Virginie Mucciante (Head of the Staff Delegation,, Dr. Frédéric Krier (Central Secretary OGB-L), Yves Elsen (President of the Board of Governors, Prof. Dr. Stéphane Pallage (Rector, Prof. Dr. Jens Kreisel (Vice-Rector for Research)