Neapolis University Paphos (Cyprus) Seminar by TA GROUP S.A.R.L. to the students of the Department of Civil Engineering

In the framework of the Cooperation Agreement, Mr. Hassan Saab, CEO of TA GROUP S.A.R.L. delivered a seminar to the students of the Department of Civil Engineering on “Repair and Rehabilitation of Deteriorated Concrete” coordinated by Dr. Anthos Ioannou, Lecturer of Neapolis University Pafos with specialization in Structural Engineering and Reinforced Concrete Structures. TA GROUP S.A.R.L. is a diversified growing company specializing in the field of concrete technology and evaluation of existing reinforced concrete structures.

During the seminar it was also mentioned the possibility of joint actions on a research level between academics, students and the company. The topics of the lecture were the following:

  1. Technology of production and application of new fibre reinforced cementitious mortars
  2. Experimental Methods for Measuring Chloride Product Attack on Reinforced Concrete Structures
  3. Non-Destructive Testing Methods for the Assessment of Structural Integrity of Existing Reinforced Concrete Structures
  4. Applications – Project Examples

The seminar was conducted in person, but there were also students who attended online.