Nankai University (China) President Chen Yulu Welcomes Students Back To Campus

As the new semester begins, most students get back to the campus. On August 31, President Chen Yulu came to Jinnan new campus, welcomed and talked with the students.

At No. 9 students dormitory, Chen Yulu inspected the “one-stop” student community, which is equipped with activity rooms, exchange and seminar rooms, self-study rooms, sports and fitness areas, communal kitchens, multimedia rooms, counselor studios, cultural corridors, etc. Chen Yulu asked the relevant departments to continue to build and make good use of the ““one-stop” student community to bring its functions into play.

In the self-study room, Chen Yulu greeted the students, inquired about their grades and majors, how they spent their holidays, etc., and wished them a new start in a new semester. Afterwards, Chen Yulu visited the male students’ dormitory of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, the School of Law, and the College of Cyber Science for cordial talks with the students. Chen Yulu inquired about their future plans and encouraged them to hold fast to their goals and go all out to achieve success. He hoped that the students will work hard and become top talents and contribute to the country.

At the canteen on Jinnan Campus, Chen Yulu inquired about the canteen’s business model, the price of meals, etc.

Afterwards, Chen Yulu dined at the canteen with the students. Chen Yulu talked with students about campus life, their majors, internship, employment and future plans. He encouraged the students to broaden their horizons, keep learning in response to the country’s needs, and become the pillars of the country.