Nanjing Normal University (China) A Dialogue Spanning Time And Space In 2022 Winter Olympics

The oil painting is called “Shared Nature, Connected Heart”, which was co-painted by Dalia, a Russian student, and his mentor Jianmin Li from NNU. In the painting, a snowboarder from the Sochi Winter Olympics and a freeskier from the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics weave among mountains, surrounded by snow and ice. The cultural beauty of unity and hard work of the Olympic Games was demonstrated incisively and vividly within the frame across time and space. The painting adopts both realistic and freehand painting techniques. At the bottom of the painting, the Great Wall of China, the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the Kremlin in Russia, Vasily church, and other images integrated with ice and snow are presented by freehand brushwork. At the same time, the Chinese and Russian athletes are depicted in the air in a realistic way, relying on each other and advancing hand in hand.

Dalia’s mentor Jianmin Li studied in Russia’s Repin St. Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture and Moscow Surikov Academy of Fine Arts. He obtained his master’s degree in easel painting. Professor Li interpreted the painting in this way: The work embodies the Olympic tenet of “higher, faster, stronger and more united” with the posture of the athletes. It is hoped that the spanning of time and space would show that there are no borders between art and sport. It is also expected that countries around the world will enhance exchanges and jointly promote human civilization.