Kenya (Moi University) Moi University exhibits new innovations at Kitale ASK Show 2022

Moi University is participating in the Kitale ASK show with its masterpiece innovations in science and technology.

The innovations include construction materials from solid waste, natural dyes from weeds, textile materials from coconut fiber, wine made from pineapple peels, steam stove and Kenyan-made maize dryer.

Other innovations being showcased at the show by Moi University include MU Trigono V501 type of laptop by the institution’s Digital Literacy Programme and a smart water meter.

The new tech-laptop is a 360 convertible device that can also be used as a tablet, with a battery life of 10 hours, touch screen, backlight, fingerprint sensor, and stylus.

On the other hand, the smart water meter can be remote controlled through a server while 3km away.

With these innovations, Moi University has made five entries in which to compete. The entries include the stand that best interprets the current show theme in education and/ or research, the best university stand, the best innovation and invention stand, the best stand embracing information technology and communication system, and the best manufacturers and distribution of telecommunication devices, equipment, and service providers.


This year’s Kitale Show is Themed “Promoting Innovation and Technology in Agriculture and Trade”. The show runs from Tuesday 25th October 2022 to Saturday 29th October 2022.