Egypt (Minia University) Symposium on IT Cybersecurity at MU

Minia University, under the auspices of Acting President of Minia University (MU) Prof. Dr. Essam Farahat, conducted a symposium on cybersecurity of information networks to protect your account from cyberattacks, it was lectured by Dr. El Hussien Seddiq, assistant professor of faculty of Computers and Information and the general coordinator of information technology program. The symposium came within the framework of the cultural symposiums and activities of Minia University, under the supervision of the director general of student welfare Walid Abd El Kawy, manager of the cultural, artistic, and scientific activities Dr. Fatma Saleh, and specialist Mohamed Mokhtar.

The lecturer tackled the means of information protection and how to protect personal accounts against malicious attacks that aim to access, alter, delete, destroy, or extort a system’s or device’s operations, adding that cybersecurity is the practice of protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks.