UK (London Metropolitan University) London Met announces ambitious Digital First Strategy

London Met is proud to launch its new Digital First Strategy, which aims to ensure learning, teaching, research, professional services and infrastructure at the University operate under excellent digital environments. 

Led by the University’s new Director of Digital Transformation, Will Hopson-Hill, the Strategy outlines that by 2026: 

  • Every course will have digital learning at its core. 
  • We will create an outstanding digital environment for students from awareness to enrolment to lecture theatre. 
  • Personalised learning via multi location and multi device access will be standard. 
  • Access to networks and data will be Cyber Secure.
  • Our infrastructure will be Smart – sensing when students and staff are on site – and delivering exceptional value to our stakeholders. 
  • All of our staff will be digitally competent. 
  • Decision making will be data informed. 

Student success is a key part of the Strategy, with students empowered to build their own digital learning environments which are personalised, flexible and easy to use to meet their needs. 

It also includes a commitment to support any student who faces digital poverty, and to build the confidence and capabilities of students in working in a digital scholarly environment. All students will be able to access accurate information about their progress to understand how to improve their learning outcomes. 

Our staff will be supported through modern digital solutions, enabling better integrated and more seamless working both within teams and across the organisation, automating and streamlining key processes. 

The changes implemented will also provide our researchers with the digital facilities to be more innovative with research, to obtain more grant funding and to generate higher impact research. 

It links to our new Estates Strategy to deliver on our sustainability targets, with greater automation on our sites leading to efficiencies on energy use. 

The campus will be digitally mapped, with wayfinding technologies and applications available to all users to deliver a frictionless, personalised campus experience; from being invited to campus, to signing in, booking rooms, meeting people and accessing facilities to optimising journey times and simplifying campus navigation. 

Will Hopson-Hill said, “This is an ambitious strategy, which will see transformation across just about every facet of London Met to support the University’s overall strategic aims. We’ve already made a great start in providing a better environment for our students and staff, and we’re excited to see London Met reach its digital potential.”