Libya (Libyan Academy for Postgraduate Studies) President of Libyan Academy for Post Graduate Study

Curriculum Vitae                                             

Name: Dr. Ramadani A. Almadani

President of Libyan Academy for Post-Graduate Studies

Summary of qualifications

2000 Awarded Ph. D. Degree in Composite Structure from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering/Belgrade University, Belgrade–Yugoslavia. Qualified in Composite material, Structure calculation, Composite delamination Problems and Interlaminar stresses Analysis,  Numerical analysis + FEM,

1992 Awarded Master of Science from Liverpool University (Liverpool – UK), from Mechanical Engineering Department, Structure section in Composite material structure and Stress Analysis. Qualified in, Computational methods such as FEM, Stresses, and Structure Analysis.

1990   Awarded a Bachelor (BSc.) from Tajoura Engineering Academy Tripoli – Libya in Power Plant Engineering.

Experience and skills

·       Structure analysis for metallic and non metallic component design.

·      Training Programs and Short course certification.

·      Composite Pressure Vessels calculation.

·      Technology for the production of thermal insulation components

·      GRP Pipes calculations and analysis.

·      GRP Pipes production. Thermal system software development.

·      Computational Methods (FEM)

·      Programming with FORTRAN computer language

E learning and Virtual education

Work experience


President of Libyan Academy for Post-Graduate Studies


Vive-President of Open University


Head of Mechanical Eng. Dept. at Libyan Academy for Post Graduate Studies.

Head of Int. Coop. Office at Libyan Open University

Head of Following Committee for Engineering Research Projects funded by Authority for Research of Natural Science and Technology


General Manger of Operational executive Administration

Head of Planning Dept.


Head of International Affair Office at JGU


·      Staff member in Mechanical Eng. at Engineering Faculty of Al-Jable Algharbi University


·      Project Manager, Co-ordinator (JMC) and Member of managing Board (JMC). At Composite Material Factory (CMF), Finite Element Analyst


·      Manager of CMF (ٌR&D Center) Composite Material Factory and structure group leader.

      Tripoli – Libya

June 2000 – Sept. 2000

·      Section chief (R&D Centre) Composite group Leader and Finite Element Analyst.

1996 – 2000

·      Ph.D. study (Belgrade University) Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Interlaminar Stresses at Geometrical Discontinues of  Composite Airframe Structure)

1995 – 1996

·      Post-graduate Taught courses (Belgrade University).

1993 – 1995

·      Head of Testing Department Al-fateh Centre (Department of testing/ R&D Centre).

1992 – 1993

·       Deputy Manager of Testing Department Al-fateh Centre (R&D) (Department of testing/ R&D Centre).

1991 – 1992

·       M.Sc. study (Liverpool University) Department of Mechanical Engineering (( Drop weight impact performance of G.R.P sandwich beams))

1990 – 1991

·      Fabrication engineer, Utility engineer, and Trainee engineer at Production and Engineering Departments, for Technical drawing, Design Procedure Shop Drawing, (Fabrication, Processes, and Manufacturing Technique).


1- Ramadan Almadani, Interlaminar stress analysis in curvilinear laminated structure, Tripoli, Libya, Proceeding of AEROTECH II-2007.

2- Ramadan Almadani, Delamination phenomena of laminated structure Causes, Analysis, and Preventing; ,Tripoli, Libya, Proceeding of AEROTECH II-2007.

3- Ramadan Almadani, Non-oriented pre-preg fiber glass: materials &manufacturing perspectives – Part I, Tripoli, Libya, Proceeding of Polytechnic Dec.-2007

4- Ramadan Almadani, An experimental study of residual stresses induced in composite pressure vessels (CPV), Proceeding of MRS, Tenth annual conference YUCOMAT2008Herzog Nova, Montenegro, Sept. 2008.

5- Ramadan Almadani, GRP pipes in Libya “perspectives, technology, and economy” Part – I, Proceeding of Middle East Plastic PipeDubai, UAE, June 2008.

6- Ramadan Almadani, Non-oriented pre-preg fiber glass: materials &manufacturing perspectives – Part II, Proceeding of 4th international conference on engineering technologies ICET 2009Novi Sad, Serbia, April 2009.

7- Ramadan Almadani, Delamination phenomena for airframe composite structure ,Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia, Proceeding of AEROTECH III-2009.

8- Ramadan Almadani, Interlaminar stress analysis for slotted laminated plate using F.E.M, Marrakech, Morocco, Proceeding of ACMA-2010.

9. Ramadan Almadani, Analysis of Cutout Fiber as Source of Delamination  in Composites System using FEM. YUCOMAT 2012, Herciga Nova, Serbia 2012

10.  Ramadan Almadani Finite Element Modeling of Composites System In Aerospace Application, Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 245 (2013) pp 316-322 © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland doi:10.4028 /

9- د. رمضان المدني (أنابيب الألياف الزجاجية GRP داخل ليبيا أهميتها, تقنياتها, و جوانبها الاقتصادية): المؤتمر الوطني للمهن الشاملة, كتيب أبحاث المؤتمر, ديسمبر 2007.

11. Ramadan Almadani ” Failure Analysis of Open-End Vessels Under Axial Tensile and Hoop Stresses“, YUCOMAT 2020, Hersiga Nova, Montenegro Sept.  2020

12. Ramadan Almadani ” Past Experience for Defect Causes In GRP Pipe Manufacturing“, YUOCOMAT 2020, Hersiga Nova, Montenegro Sept. 2020.

13. Ramadan Almadani ” Structural Optimization of a Composite Wind Turbine Blade (CWTB) for Material and Blade Weight“, CSP-2019, Sousse-Tunisia Dec. 2019


1. Designing, manufacturing and testing of composite motor case.

2. Stresses analysis of composite pressure vessels.

3. Technological procedure of composite pressure vessels.

4. Study the effect of surface burning area on the induced pressure.

5. Study of the optimum winding angle of the composite pressure vessels.

6. Study the use of steel 9843 in case.

7. Analysis of the composite wing.

8. Design the layout of GRP production plant.

9. Study the production schema of the GRP components.

10. Improvement of the production method for GRP casing.

11. Designing, manufacturing and testing of composite (Carbon-Epoxy) case.

12. Manufacturing technique for the composite air-intake.

13. Description of filament winding machinery and types.

14. Study of the production methods of GRP pipes


Arabic, English and Serbian “writing and Conservation”

Additional activities

In addition to the above work: 

  1. Supervision and sharing of the implementation of production line for composite parts.
  2. Well understanding of technological procedure for ablative parts.
  3. Well understanding for GRP pipe production and technology.

Academic Researches:

*. In-plane static loading of GRP beams.                                     BSc Project.

*. Study the effect of fibre orientation on the beam strength.      BSc Project.

*. Analysis of composite pressure vessels.                                   BSc Project.

*. Study of the interlaminar stresses from 3D state of stresses.         MSc

*. An experimental study of the pre-preg fibreglass

Coupon under in-plane static loading.                                       MSc.

*. An experimental study of GRP beams under uni-axial load            MSc.

*. Design and analysis of laminated cylinder.                                      MSc.

*. Design and optimization of stiffed metallic pressure vessel.           MSc.

*. Structural optimization of composite pressure vessels.                   MSc.