Japan (Kyushu University) The 3rd KYUSHU-SNU Joint Symposium

Kyushu University and its important partner, Seoul National University (SNU), held “the 3rd KYUSHU-SNU Joint Symposium” at the Jonathan KS Choy Cultural Center, Kyushu University Ito Campus on Friday, September 23, 2022.

In November 2019, the two universities reaffirmed each other as key partners and agreed to deepen their ties through organizing an annual joint symposium, the first of which took place online in September 2020 and the second in June 2021. The third symposium was the first onsite event attended by approximately 70 participants. It was a great opportunity for both universities to develop their exchanges further.

President Tatsuro Ishibashi delivering welcome remark
President Tatsuro Ishibashi delivering welcome remarks
The symposium began with welcome remarks by Kyushu U President Tatsuro Ishibashi, followed by congratulatory remarks by SNU President Se-Jung Oh, expressing wishes for further advancement of mutual relations between the two universities. The symposium’s theme is “Collaborative Innovation for and with Society: Linking Technology and Social Sciences for a Sustainable Future.” Keynote lectures were given by Distinguished Professor Shigenori Fujikawa of Kyushu U, “Research and developments of carbon management technologies toward ‘Beyond-Zero’ society,” and Professor Jeyong Yoon of SNU, “2050 Carbon Neutrality to Overcome the Climate Crisis.”

In the afternoon of the same day, five satellite sessions took place under the supervision of researchers from SNU and Kyushu U.

1. Material Science
Represented by Prof. Keiji Tanaka, Faculty of Engineering
2. Environmental and Energy Science
Represented by Prof. Shigenori Fujikawa, International Institute for Carbon Neutral
Energy Research
3. Problems and Challenges of Contemporary Law in an Age of Structural Transformation
Represented by Associate Prof. Ren Yatsunami, Faculty of Law
4. The Role and Responsibility of Experimental Forests in the post COVID19 era
Represented by Prof. Hiroki Nagashima, Research Center for Korean Studies
Prof. Shinya Koga, Faculty of Agriculture, and Prof. Kentarō Fujioka, University Archives
5. Spatio-temporal analysis of water and nutrient health status in leaf vegetables using
computational fluid dynamics simulation
Represented by Prof. Takashi Okayasu, Faculty of Agriculture

On Thursday, September 22, members from the University Libraries, Research and Industrial Collaboration Promotion Department, and International Affairs Department attended a staff exchange program and engaged in lively discussions through talks on their work and a question-and-answer session.

Both Universities agreed to hold the 4th SNU-KYUSHU Symposium in 2023 hosted by Seoul National University.

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