KSA (Prince Sultan University) BSc Finance in Prince Sultan University joins the CFA University affiliation

Prince Sultan University achieved a new scientific and professional accomplishment by obtaining accreditation from the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA Institute) represented by the Bachelor’s Program in Finance at the College of Business, where it joined the CFA University Affiliation Program, which is considered the most important professional fellowship program in the field of financial sciences and investment. This confirms the excellence of the study plans for the Bachelor of Finance program.

The university affiliation criteria is based on the inclusion of study plans for the topics of the CFA certification exams, the quality of the content provided in the university courses, in addition to modern teaching methods that keep pace with scientific and practical developments in the financial field. The courses offered in the Bachelor of Finance program have been carefully mapped with the ten main knowledge areas and the eighty-four sub-fields of the professional certificate of the chartered financial analyst (CFA).

Among the most important advantages achieved to the students of the finance program are; prepare students to sit for the professional certification exam for the certified financial analyst with its three levels as soon as they finish the curriculum of the BSc program in finance, giving students a competitive advantage in the labor market which increases the employment rate for BSc Finance university graduates, the CFA institute also offers scholarships to students of Prince Sultan University – Department of Finance, including an exemption from registration fees for the professional fellowship program and a 50% discount in registration fees for the professional certification CFA exams. Students of the Finance Department will also be able to access educational databases published by the Chartered Financial Analyst Institution. The university will also have the opportunity to participate with the global CFA institute and its regional office in the Kingdom in holding seminars and conferences specialized in the financial and investment fields, in addition to participating in organizing specialized competitions held by the CFA institute at the local and international levels.

It worth noting that a comprehensive major review of the study plans for the Bachelor of Finance program were conducted to comply with the requirements of the labor market and the CFA university affiliation standards. The review included reformulating the course specifications and including the latest references and modern teaching methods that depend on linking theory with practical reality. The new plan also introduced many new courses that did not exist in the past to comply with the requirements of technical progress in the financial field and business fields in general. Among the most important new courses were: financial modeling, financial technology, study and evaluation of financial assets, financial ethics and rules of trust, analysis and financial statements reporting and financial artificial intelligence. Perhaps one of the most prominent components of the study plan is a practical course taught in the computer lab, which provides the student with the opportunity to apply all scientific theories in the financial field and simulate the real business environment.

The Department of Finance includes the largest number of students in the College of Business studying in the Bachelor of Finance program and the Master of Business Administration program – specializing in finance. It also includes twenty-one faculty members, all of them are distinguished by science, extensive knowledge, and distinguished scientific research in various financial fields, which enhanced the excellence of the program’s graduates. Since the establishment of the program in 2005, most of the graduates were able to obtain prestigious jobs in leading institutions and companies.