Kenya (University of Nairobi) Kenyans asked to move away from the notion of tribes

The Chairman of the Judges and Magistrates Vetting Board, Mr. Sharad Rao, EBS, has called on Kenyans to move away from the notion of tribes.

“Today, Indians constitute less than 0.02% percent of Kenya’s 40 million population. Their contribution in almost all sectors of the Kenyan economy and the
ir contribution and support to various educational and welfare causes continues,” he said. “But my appeal to all Kenyans is to move away from the notion of tribes. It is a great hindrance to our democratic processes. While electing our representatives for Parliament and the President we vote on tribal basis. Their election is governed not on merit but on tribe – what is referred to – and is, the tyranny of numbers.”
Mr. Rao was speaking at the University of Nairobi on the topic ‘Asians – The 44th Tribe – Its significance and role past, present and future.’ The event which was held on May 27, 2018, was organized by the Kenya-India Friendship Association (KIFA).
“There is an increasing acceptance by Africans that the present day Asians are loyal to Kenya and regard themselves as Kenyans and NOT just Indians or Pakistanis,” he noted. “And to my Asian friends I say that there is no magic in being the 44th tribe. If we want to be considered a tribe let us consider and be accepted as one of Kenya’s 44 tribes and NOT be relegated to 44th position. We are all Kenyans and despite our diversity of religions and faiths we had no religious conflict in our 50 years plus of existence. Something that Kenya and Kenyans should be proud of.”
Among those in attendance include Philanthropist and Permanent member of KIFA, Dr. Manu Chandaria; Her Excellency Madam Suchitra Durai, High Commissioner of India to Kenya, Principal Secretary, Department of Vocational and Industrial Training, Dr. Kevit Desai, Prof. Enos Njeru, the Principal, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, who represented the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi and Chairman of KIFA, Ambassador Denis Afande, member of KIFA; Dr. Kenneth Ombongi, senior lecturer at the Department of History and Archaeology.