Jilin University (China) 2021 Campus Asia Pilot Online Course of Okayama University Successfully Held

From February 15th to March 29th, 2021, Campus Asia Pilot Online Course of Okayama University was successfully held. Twelve students from School of Philosophy and Sociology, College of Foreign Languages, School of Economics, School of Law, College of Public Administration, Business School, Hospital of Stomatology, and College of Animal Science of Jilin University, along with twelve students from Okayama University in Japan and four students from Sungkyunkwan University in ROK, participated in the online modules of Introduction to Japanology and Introduction to Comparative Education.

Students completed this English-taught program through both online courses and offline independent learning. Four JLU students learned about the employment status, pop culture, gender and racial differences in Japan in the eight sessions of the Introduction to Japanology module. This module enabled students to learn about Japanese society. It also improved their understanding of the social causes underlying the cultural differences between China and Japan, and enhanced their cross-cultural communication capability. Over the 9 sessions of the Introduction to Comparative Education module, eight JLU students systematically learned about the mainstream education models and theories around the world, and the development of the modern education system, from micro to macro levels, from developed to developing countries, and from elementary to higher education. This module enabled students to have a deeper understanding of the present and future of education systems around the world. At the end of the program, students made presentations on the topics of interes

“CAMPUS ASIA”, which is short for “Collective Action of Mobility Program of University Students in Asia”, was jointly organized by the Ministry of Education of China; Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology of Japan; Ministry of Education of the ROK; and the ROK Council for University Education. The goal of “CAMPUS ASIA”, from its founding, has been to promote academic exchanges among students from the three countries. Jilin University from China, Sungkyunkwan University from the ROK, and Okayama University from Japan were approved to implement the pilot project of “CAMPUS ASIA” in 2012, and the official program began in 2016. Up to now, more than 1,000 students from China, Japan, and the ROK have participated in and benefited from JLU-Sungkyunkwan-Okayama project.