Lebanon (Islamic University of Lebanon) Al-Mawla participated in the Conference on Promoting Arab Excellence in the Emirates and the Islamic University has made outstanding achievements towards the world

The President of the Islamic University of Lebanon, Prof. Dr. Dina Al-Mawla, participated in the conference

“Promoting Arab Excellence: A New Vision for Higher Education in the Region”, 2022 launch and conclave QS Arab Region University Rankings, which was held at Zayed University – United Arab Emirates, where 50 presidents from The leaders of higher education in the Arab world made important and basic points about the future of higher education in our Arab region, and included the following:

– Quality assurance in higher education.

The importance of obtaining rankings and its role in the global reputation of universities.

Presenting modern ideas for higher education on interdisciplinary learning.

The importance of developing skills and competencies.

Strengthening communication between schools and higher education institutions.

How universities develop with the requirements of the labor market.

Modern methods of preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow.

The challenges faced by higher education institutions during the Corona pandemic and how to address them.

Contribute to the development of a future plan for higher education in the region and work to help the other side of the world that suffers from bad economic conditions.


At the end of the first day of the conference, QS Corporate announced the ranking of the best universities in the Arab world, as the Islamic University in Lebanon advanced 24 degrees from last year and was ranked “36” in the QS rankings in the Arab world for the year 2022, with the participation of about 140 universities from the Arab world, which were ranked out of 1,200. University. Dr. Al-Mawla received the Shield of Excellence, in the presence of the Consul of Lebanon in Dubai, Mr. Assaf Doumit.


Following this honorable achievement of the Islamic University of Lebanon, Prof. Dr. El-Mawla signed with the Regional Director of QS Dr. Ashwin Fernandes an agreement to sponsor four activities for Quaquarelli Symonds during 2022 that are supposed to take place in the following cities: Dubai, New York, Hong Kong and Madrid, where they will appear The university is globally represented in all these forums as a main sponsor through these activities that will revolve around:

First : Keeping pace with higher education institutions around the world to achieve excellence and obtain recognition (Accreditation) and international classifications (March 2022 in Dubai).

Second : Promoting higher education by using data purposefully to drive innovation for global benefit, by guiding strategies in higher education on sustainable development (June 2022 in New York City).

ThirdCreate a comprehensive platform where it can keep pace and address the requirements of the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, thus accelerating the progress and promotion of higher education in it (October 2022 in Hong Kong

Fourth : Creating a global competition open to educational innovators from all over the world from companies in the field of educational technology, and academic faculty from top institutions, senior innovation officials and university presidents, to present their innovative projects (December 2022 in Madrid).


Prof. El-Mawla also signed an agreement with the Regional Director of Classifications Times Higher Education – THE Mr. Nick Davis to keep pace with the Islamic University of Lebanon by developing an internal strategy for sustainable development. The agreement also included the university’s participation in all of THE activities during the year 2022, which will lead to the launch of the university in the media at the global level. Note that the Islamic University of Lebanon ranked 22nd in the Arab world and first in Lebanon in the quality of higher education according to the Times Higher Education global rankings for the Arab world.