Islamic University of applied Sciences Rotterdam (Netherlands) IUASR is excited to announce its new training program for imams from abroad!

In a 5-week intensive program they receive the intellectual and practical tools to serve in Dutch society. Themes include Dutch society, culture, politics and context-specific pastoral skills. (1)

Through this innovative project, the IUASR forms a bridge between visiting imams from abroad and Dutch society. We are looking forward to presenting more exciting developments as a unique and grass-roots Muslim institution in the Netherlands! (2)

In our first session on civic knowledge, Professor of Cross-cultural Law Tom Zwart (Cross-cultural Human Rights Centre, VU University) discussed themes such as Dutch state organization, constitution and legal system, politics, minority policies and legislation and family law.

Religion and state He also discussed the education system, labour market, migration and Dutch culture, Muslim political participation and representation, crime, family and poverty. The imams reported that the sessions were helpful, instructive, engaging and thought-provoking.