International University of Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina) IUS Students And Staff Attend Workshop „Breaking The Myths Of Motivation Killers“

On Monday, October 31, 2022, IUS students, accompanied by their Human Resources course lecturer, Dr. Sci. Minela Kerla, visited the cultural and sports-recreational center of JU “KSIRC” Ilidža and met the director, Mr. Haris Topalović, MA and his team. The students and employees had the opportunity to meet, connect, share their success stories, knowledge as well as spend some nice time together.

During the visit, an educational workshop entitled “Breaking  the myths of  motivation killers” was organized. The moderators of the workshop were Dr. Sci. Minela Kerla and Mr. Haris Topalović, MA. At the workshop, students were organized into groups where they discussed different topics, such as toxic people, professional development, time management, communication, management, incentive and reward system, etc. At the end of the workshop, potential solutions and strategies were made for dealing with the so-called “motivation killers”.