Imam Abu Hanifa Islamic Institute (Tajikistan) Press Conference on the Results of DIT Activities in 2019

According to the schedule, a press conference was held at the Islamic Institute of Tajikistan on 06.02.2019 with the participation of members of the Board of the Institute, officials of various areas of activity and media reporters. The meeting was attended by domestic and foreign news channels, regardless of the form of ownership, such as Amit-Khovar, “Minbari Khalk” newspaper, “Jumhuriyat” newspaper, “Sadoo Mendo” newspaper, “Literature and Art” weekly newspaper, “Omozgor” weekly newspaper, “Payomi Dushanbe” weekly newspaper. , “Asia-Plus” weekly, “Tajikiston” weekly, “Tajikistan Youth” weekly, “Maromi capital” weekly, “Faraj” weekly, “Samak” weekly, “Ozodi” radio, “Vatan” radio, “Khovar” radio, “Tajikiston” radio, “Azia+” radio, “Imruz New” radio, “Tajikiston” television channel, “Safina” television network, etc. were invited. At this meeting, Rector of the Institute Asomuddinzoda T.I. to several questions of the correspondent of mass media: “Maromi capital” weekly Saidjani H. and the newspaper “Asia-Plus” Mehrezhez T. answered. Some undefined answers to the questions asked by the Rector of the Institute were given by the Dean of the Faculty of Eastern Philology Karim R. and the Head of the Institute’s science department Khairulloev I.