Ibero-American University (Mexico) Unibe Celebrates Its Fifty-Fourth Ordinary Graduation

n the investiture acts, 444 new professionals were delivered to the company.

Santo Domingo, DN November 19, 2022. The Universidad Iberoamericana, Unibe, celebrated its Fifty-fourth Ordinary Graduation, graduating 444 new professionals in different careers, master’s degrees and specialties. The graduation took place in two investiture acts, on Saturday, November 19, at Casa San Pablo.

During the keynote speech at the event, Dr. Odile Camilo Vincent, rector of the university, congratulated the graduates for having successfully completed their academic program, despite the challenges of recent years. He stated that the objective of Unibe is to train leaders committed to sustainable and inclusive development and that, therefore, both from the classroom and research as well as in the communities, its teachers and students work and influence issues of vital importance for the country, as “access to health, quality education, urban development, sustainable tourism, human rights, technological innovation, new business models and inclusion”.

Addressing the graduates, he said that they represent the hope for a better future and urged them to assume this role with enthusiasm and commitment. “There are many local and global challenges that lie ahead. Insecurity, climate change, strengthening the quality and efficiency of health and education systems -sectors that today face important challenges that require the cooperation of all to overcome them-, generating more decent jobs, and improving protection and care systems, are some of the most worrying. However, crushing ourselves before them is not an option for any of us here today. That is why, borrowing concepts and ideas from Dr. Marcos Villamán, Dominican sociologist, theologian and researcher, today I invite you to embrace optimismand to embark on the collective construction of the society to which we aspire”, he expressed.

A new social contract

Dr. Camilo Vincent said that we must trust that it is possible to build together processes that promote changes towards equity and social justice. “Obviously, sustained public policies are necessary to lead to this new state. Today it is stated that it is not just about formulating new regulations and programs that solve specific problems. It is raised with increasing insistence, not only in the academic field, but also from development organizations, that a new social contract is required”.

He affirmed that if we establish higher levels of institutionality, promote intersectoral articulation and the active participation of citizens, it is possible to trace the path towards the sustainable and inclusive development that we yearn for.

“At Unibe we believe that in our country it is possible to take on these challenges on both levels. At the individual level and in the public sphere. We also believe that you, young people, are especially equipped to assume a new role, as you have done every time our society has seen the need to reinvent itself,” he said.

Finally, he invited them to dream big, to get involved in public affairs, to participate, to redefine problems, devising creative solutions. “Never stop preparing, work hard, adhere to ethics. Be grateful, empathetic, transcend, but, above all, be very happy, “he concluded.

During the Fifty-fourth Graduation of Unibe, the deserving students of the different careers, specialties and master’s degrees were recognized. The Jorge Abraham Hazoury Bahlés Award for Academic Excellence was awarded to Luisa María Estrella Frías, from the Industrial Engineering major, for her outstanding performance during her university life and for having obtained the highest index of the entire promotion.

On this occasion, professionals from Haiti, Puerto Rico, the United States, France, Venezuela, Mexico, Germany, Colombia, Honduras, Bolivia, Cuba, Panama and the Dominican Republic were invested . Members of the University’s Governing Council, deans, directors, academic coordinators and special guests were present at the ceremony. Founded 40 years ago, Unibe has delivered around 24,400 professionals to society to date.