Higher Polytechnic School of the Coast (Ecuador) University Bands Will Strengthen Their Knowledge In The Music Business At Festival Repertorio

For twelve days Repertoire will be developed, one of the iconic events of ESPOL Cultural. This is the Festival of University Bands that reaches its fourth edition from November 19 to December 2.

In this edition, Repertorio ─as an interdisciplinary cultural space─ welcomes innovation through the dissemination of the Design Thinking methodology, with the aim of promoting the professional development in the music industry of the participating artists.

In this sense, the Festival will be part of the Innovation Week (i3week) of the ESPOL Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (I3LAB) in a Hackathon. In addition, it will be developed in strategic alliance with the Prefecture of Guayas and the Municipal Public Tourism Company of Guayaquil.

For Blanca Santos, director of ESPOL Cultural, and Ana Jumbo, of I3LAB, the importance of this synergy is that artists benefit from these spaces, in which they acquire greater understanding of their audience and create products that generate value, using the Design Thinking methodology, through researching, empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping and evaluating. They will exhibit for free the workshop Design Thinking in the music industry, on November 19 and 20, from 09:00 to 17:00, at the ESPOL Theater (Gustavo Galindo Velasco campus).

The producers of the Festival and members of ESPOL Cultural, Alina Suárez and Raúl Toledo, indicated that in this fourth edition bands from various institutions, sectors and areas of musical entertainment in Guayaquil will participate.

The members of these groups (undergraduate students, teachers and independent artists) will be trained in topics such as Video Set and Sessions Live; Image consulting for artists; Music production, review and feedback of each project; Arrangements and composition; Digital marketing plan; and on How to manage a musical project and Music in the orange economy.

(Check the full program of this free event at this link: http://festivales.espol.edu.ec/repertorio/programacion/ )

On this last topic, its speaker, the professor of the Faculty of Art, Design and Audiovisual Communication (FADCOM), Andrea Pino, seeks to “reformulate the way of thinking about culture from contemplation or from entertainment to entrepreneurship”.

As part of the agenda of the Repertorio Festival, Professor Andrea Pino is joined by other experts such as Nathaly Campos, artist, propstylist and co-founder of RoyalBlue Set; Andrea Vega, Marketing Management Engineer, who has her fashion venture VOOME; Nathan Rugel, photographer and filmmaker dedicated to political communication, content creator and low cost audiovisual solutions; Jorge Campoverde, music and sound producer, musical director and professional guitarist; Joshua Abudeye, professional musician, composer, arranger, beatmaker and producer, among others.

The prizes that will be awarded in REPERTORIO are: The first place, $ 1,500; second place, $1,000 and third place, $500. The prize for the Head Coach of the winning team consists of a 100% scholarship for a master’s degree in Business Management mention Digital Business at the ESPAE Business School.