Higher Polytechnic School of the Coast (Ecuador) ASIDE And ESPOL Sign An Agreement That Generates Spaces For The Transfer Of Knowledge And Global Trends In Energy Legislation

On Tuesday, October 25, the cooperation framework agreement between ESPOL and the Ibero-American Association of Energy Law – ASIDE was signed , whose importance lies in the consolidation of cooperation between both institutions, and in concentrating efforts to address issues such as energy and important productive activities in the development of Ecuador .

ASIDE is a non-profit association made up of 13 universities and 3 Ibero-American institutes, with the aim of promoting the analysis, debate and reform of the regulatory framework in the energy, mining and environment sectors.

The subscription of this document will also generate the development of seminars, workshops, academic forums, research, training, actions, programs and joint projects, for the benefit of students and professionals of ESPOL and ASIDE.

The rector of ESPOL, Cecilia Paredes, aware of this objective, praised the work of both institutions, reflecting -thus- on the fruitful joint work that has a purpose and that creates value.

The ESPOL and ASIDE relationship has been fruitful. At the IV Ibero-American Congress of Energy Law 2022 “Guayaquil City of Energy”, ESPOL provided academic support and was an active part with students and professors in the event’s agenda. Likewise, the two institutions jointly organized the First “Gender and Energy” Conversation .

Participating in the signing of this document were Cecilia Paredes, rector of ESPOL, and Stevie Gamboa, president of the Ibero-American Association of Energy Law, ASIDE; In addition, Melanie Matamoros, from ASIDE; Paola Romero, dean of the Faculty of Engineering in Earth Sciences; Gonzalo Pizarro, Manager of External Relations and Corporate Governance; Freddy Carrión, coordinator of the Petróleos career and Silvia Loaiza, coordinator of the Mines career.