Ethiopia (Hawassa University) Training set to focus on outer exams

The College of Social Science and Science developed a training course focused on the outer exam.

On November 2, 2015, he produced a training course entitled “Exact principles, procedures, and psychics,” in which the university’s leadership, including social science and neat college academy and management at the University of Hawassa, participated.

President Dr. Ariano of Hawassa University, who gave his commencement address, recalled that for the past years, our nation’s education system has focused on quantity rather than quality, so many of them have graduated from nowhere without the knowledge the material seeks, and the government has taken a nationwide way of giving graduate students a national footing test to help solve this problem. He added that among the problems observed when students take this exit exam was inadequate awareness of the exit exams, as well as a lack of preparation in study and nail, experts under academics should be motivated to record superior performance as a university, and that training should be conducted at other university colleges.

For their part, the University of Hawassa College of Social Sciences and Neo-Scientific College Dean Do/Daneh explained that this training, in turn, plays a role in enhancing student readiness and increasing the role of the college’s student readiness by evaluating gaps that have been observed in the outer exams that have been observed to this day and incorporating ongoing improvements.

Dr. Derbe Goldenh, a lecturer and researcher in the Department of Psychology at the University of Hawassa who conducted the training on the day, and a teacher in the Department of Psychology, described the principles of the exam and the mental preparation of students. Therefore, they urged that all bodies should be determined to produce results that are supposed to work in collaboration and that the university should record better results.