Grozny State Oil Technical University (Russia) Exams are Near at HAND. SPEAKING with Parnets and Gradues



How to successfully pass the exam and it is easy to enter a university — these and many other issues were discussed on January 23 in the Department of Education of the local administration. Nalchik at the city parent guidance meeting.

The experts at the meeting were Aksana Karasheva, Head of the Pre-University Training and Career Guidance Work at the KBSU, Director of the KBSU Small School Academy, Artur Nasipov, Director of the KBSU Social and Humanitarian Institute Muslim Tamazov.

The head of the department, Eduard Barokov, told the parent asset of educational institutions in the capital of the republic, which stages an eleventh grader needs to go through in order to be allowed to pass the EGE. He recalled that, as before, the obligatory exams for obtaining a certificate are Russian and mathematics is specialized or basic. In these subjects a retake is provided on reserve days in case of an unsatisfactory assessment.

«Also important information for excellent students. If a student claims a medal, he must pass the Russian language and specialized mathematics, gaining at least 70 points», — Edward Barokov told the parents about the innovation.

Eleventh graders need to decide on February 1 with the choice of additional disciplines to be taken. The head of the department recommended specifying more subjects so that later there would be more opportunities to get into one or another university.

On the benefits of studying at the Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H. M. Berbekov told the parents of future applicants Aksana Karasheva.

«We are waiting for applicants with good points. This year, the posts will receive a one-time payment of 100 thousand rubles. For vysokoblnikov — from 210 and above — an increased scholarship and the conclusion of contracts on employment after graduation. Another bonus for graduates who score at least 180 points: if they choose a specialty on a contractual basis, the coefficient correcting the cost of their education will be 0.25 to the cost of full-time education. The bonus program will be offered to those who are already studying and have good educational results», — said the head of the pre-university training and vocational guidance KBSU.

She further invited school students and their parents to attend university Saturdays and parental universities in February, as well as participate in competitions organized by KBSU. Winners and prize-winners of university competitions receive additional points upon admission to KBSU.

«KBSU — a classical university. We have 9 institutes and one faculty. Admission is based on the exam. When choosing a future specialty for your child, remember that the most popular areas today are healthcare, engineering, technical sciences, education and pedagogical sciences», — Aksana Karasheva informed the participants.

The director of the social and humanitarian institute of the KBSU urged parents to take a responsible attitude towards the choice of the university.

«It is necessary to predict the labor future of your child and, given this, choose a university. Unfortunately, there is a high probability that children who study outside the republic will not return here. Correctly orient your children», — Muslim Tamazov advised.

After the presentation, career counselors at KBSU answered in detail all the questions from their parents.