Belgium (Ghent University) Ghent University Redesigns University Campuses in Ambitious Future Plan

Ghent University is working on a long-term vision in which the 11 faculties will be housed in 3 clusters.

By 2050, the 3 university clusters would be located on one virtual axis from the city centre of Ghent via Campus Sterre and UZ Gent to the south of Ghent. Some traditional college campuses are being let go.

With the long-term vision, Ghent University wants to rethink the infrastructure in function of the challenges that will arise in the coming decades. In concrete terms, 4 faculties (or in some cases: a specific part of a faculty) will be grouped per cluster.

Rector Rik Van de Walle: “We want to transform these 3 zones into clear campuses, where buildings are connected in a meaningful way, where there is a lot of greenery, where students and staff can think, learn and work together in a sustainable way. Where students can live. Where functions are connected: taking lessons, doing research, working and collaborating.”

The introduction of this vision will be accompanied by ongoing consultation at both local and supra-local level in the coming years. After all, the necessary permits to be able to implement this plan are crucial and numerous. To this end, Ghent University will soon start consultations with both the local and Flemish authorities.