Egypt (German University in Cairo) GUC Newcomers Orientation 2022

In an annual celebration at the GUC, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Professor Dr. Ashraf Mansour along with GUC President Dr. Yasser Higazy welcomed the newcomers from different faculties and their parents on 28th of September 2022.


In his welcoming speech, Prof. Mansour seized the opportunity to introduce and integrate new students into the campus community and culture and walk them through the intellectual adventure they are about to undertake.


Chairman Mansour congratulated the enrolled students who came along with their parents. He appraised their great journey during school years that culminated in their presence at the GUC. Additionally, he gave a big salute to the parents who have raised these exceptional young people, emphasizing the GUC’s role to provide a rich array of opportunities for them to learn.


Furthermore, He has also clarified that the GUC community is a community of outstanding people that opens up life opportunities for the students all over the world. Prof. Dr. Ashraf Mansour stressed on the high quality of the German higher education curriculum. He also noted that according to a recent study by the DAAD, GUC accounts alone for 40% of the number of learners enlisted in German higher educational institutes outside Germany’s borders.


He also listed examples of distinguished graduates such as the two Otto Hahn Prize winners, Mohamed El Brolosy in 2021 and Eslam Khalaf in 2018. Mouchira Krara Assistant to Minister of Planning for Economic Policies, was also another graduate of outstanding career prospects that he kindly mentioned.


A special highlight of the speech was to explain how GUC provides an opportunity for every student to go to partner universities in Germany including GIU Berlin to learn about the German culture there , to attend scientific conferences and lectures at different universities, and arrange for a master’s scholarship or more advanced scientific degree with no additional cost, Dr. Mansour explained that the GUC also offers exchange programs with other universities and the chance to do the bachelor theses in the eighth semester in Germany with 300 partner universities.


Finally, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Mansour elaborated on the facilities provided by the GUC topped by top notch technological labs, which allow students to innovate and publish scientific papers before graduation and ensure up-to-date practical knowledge of the latest advancement of businesses and  industries in Egypt and worldwide. The German education system follows the von Humboldt method based on German standards and innovations, German industry and the strong German economy over the past 150 years.