Frederick University (Cyprus) Frederick University honors its “Founder’s Day” in memory of Michael Frederickou

In an emotionally intense atmosphere, Frederick University organized the “Founder’s Day” in memory of the founder of Frederick University and Frederick Institute of Technology, Michael Frederickou.

The ceremony was greeted by the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, Mr Costas Kadis. The entire university community, students, members of the academic and administrative staff, as well as friends of the University, were there to honor his memory.

The purpose of this day is to honor the memory, principles, values and beliefs of the man who generously offered opportunities to thousands of young people to achieve their goals and realize their dreams. On this day every year, a tree is symbolically planted at the University, dedicated to each academic year, while a special green space will be created in the University area, which will be called “Michael Frederickou Park”.
During the special event, a documentary was shown with some of the most important moments of the life and work of this man. This documentary was prepared in 2017 for a special ceremony, organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture in his honor, in the presence of Michael Frederickou.

Minister Costas Kadis, speaking about the visionary Michael Frederickou, mentioned that: “Planting a tree every year in his memory, is probably the best way to honor a man who loved nature and trees so much. When I was a member of Frederick University’s community, Mr. Frederickou was the one who first believed in my vision, to create the first Nature Conservation Unit in Cyprus – a point of reference in biodiversity issues, in the development of environmental research projects and with a huge contribution to the development of Cyprus’ strategy for biodiversity.”

As the President of the Council Ms. Natassa Frederickou mentioned in her speech: “The tree planting will be a central point of reference for the “Founder’s Day” for three main reasons. The first is that Michael Frederickou had a great love for nature and trees. All the big trees in the University were planted by him personally, who took care of them and loved them like his own children. The second reason has to do with the essence and meaning of the day. For Michael Frederickou, education was the mean that gave future and perspective to people, just like the planting of a tree is done with the aim of providing its shadow to others in the future. The third reason has to do with the symbolism of trees. Each tree planted every year, will be dedicated to the new academic year. Each year’s tree will grow and develop with our university community. The roots that provide nourishment, strength and stability to the tree represent the principles and values that Michael Frederickou left to us as a legacy and kept us united as a family. Its branches represent the growth of each member of our community.” Continuing, she added: “I hope that Founder’s Day will be a reminder to each and every one of us, from whatever position we are, of our duty to make the world a better place”.

Ms. Frederickou also referred to the actions of Frederick University in memory of its founder, such as the Michael Frederickou full scholarships, but also the establishment of the annual Michael Frederickou Awards, which aim to reward individuals and actions that promote the basic values of the Founder and the University, as expressed in the pillars of its mission: teaching, research, and offering to society.
The event was followed by the tree planting, in the presence of the entire university community, members of the University Council and members of his family.