Egypt (Fayoum University)Prof. Hatata Hosted the President of the Italian University of Salento

Prof. Yasser Magdy Hatata, President of Fayoum University, hosted in his office the delegation of the Italian University of Salento, headed by Prof. Fabio Polici, President of the University, and the membership of Prof. Paola Davoli, Coordinator of the Italian University of Salento and Director of the University’s archaeological mission at Dimie El Sebaa site, north of Qaroun Lake in Fayoum, Dr. Alberto Bonvino, and Mrs. Luca Trombi, members of the excavation team at the Italian University of Salento, in the presence of Prof. Mohamed Farouk El-Khabeery, Vice President of Fayoum University for Education and Student Affairs, and Prof. Arafa Sabry Hassan, Vice President of Fayoum University for Postgraduate Studies and Cultural Relations and Research, Prof. Assem El-Esawy, Vice President of Fayoum University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, Prof. Ashraf Gharib, Coordinator of the Memorandum of Understanding between the two universities and the former Dean of Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, and Prof. Mahmoud Hewidy, President’s Advisor for Quality and Accreditation and Former Dean of Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Prof. Hoda Latif, Former Dean of Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Prof. Ibrahim Abdel Basset, Director of the International Relations Office at the university, Prof. Emad Abdel Salam, media advisor to the President of Fayoum University, and Mrs. Hala Al-Sweify, General Manager of Public Relations, on Sunday 6/11/2022.

Prof. Yasser Magdy Hatata expressed his happiness at receiving the delegation of the Italian University of Salento in Fayoum University within the framework of the joint cooperation between the two universities, which spanned over 11 years, explaining that in light of the fruitful results of many cooperation activities between the two universities represented by the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, the Department of Tourism and Hotels in the university seeks to expand the fields of cooperation to include more specializations and faculties, especially that there are many joint programs and departments between the two universities, such as geography, geology, engineering, archeology and humanities.

He also referred to the long history of Fayoum University, which dates back to 1975, the date of the establishment of the first college, which is the Faculty of Education, Cairo University branch, and then Fayoum University became independent in 2005 to currently include 19 colleges and two institutes, adding that the ranking of Fayoum University in the Times International Ranking of Higher Education for the year 2023 ranges between 601-800, explaining that Fayoum University has 40,000 male and female students, 3,200 faculty members, 3,100 Postgraduate students, and 4,000 university employees and workers.

Prof. Fabio Bolichi stated that Fayoum University is distinguished in various educational fields, and called on the President of Fayoum University to extend the areas of cooperation between the two universities to include postgraduate studies, new educational programs, training and student exchange to obtain a joint scientific degree from the two universities, adding that the Italian University of Salento was established in 1955. It is based in the city of Lecce and currently includes 10 colleges: the College of Arts and Humanities, the College of Economics, the College of Cultural Heritage, the College of Legislation, the College of Education, the College of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, the College of Political and Social Sciences, the College of Law, the College of Foreign Languages and Letters, and the College of Engineering.

Prof. Paula Davoli added that the cooperation between the Italian University of Salento and the University of Fayoum began with a joint project in 2003, and Her Excellency gave a presentation of the project, its stages of development, and the archaeological sites that were worked on, restored, and antiquities discovered.

At the end of the meeting, shields and souvenirs were exchanged between the presidents of Fayoum University and the Italian University of Salento. An inspection tour was also conducted at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, which included lecture halls, the library, the college museum and the educational hotel.