University of Zagreb (Croatia) – Faculty of Agriculture is a signatory of the strategy of ICA network members oriented to climate change and sustainable bioeconomy

At the ICA (Association for European Life Science Universities) Rectors and Deans Forum “The Role of Life Science Universities in Transitioning to Climate Neutrality and Open Science” held from 20 to 22 October 2021 in Leuven, dean prof. Ivica Kisić, PhD and vice dean assist. prof. Kristina Kljak, PhD signed their support to the ICA strategy: Communiqué – Life sciences universities addressing climate change and advancing sustainable bioeconomies.
The most important points to which the signatories have committed themselves are set out below:

  1. We will enhance our understanding of climate change and transition pathways in our curricula and provide our students – the future professionals and decision makers – with all available understanding of the need, means and paths for society to move to climate neutrality,
  2. We will enhance our research into understanding of and integral solutions for climate neutrality, designing concrete pathways towards sustainable bioeconomies,
  3. We will seek active collaboration with agrifood, biobased, marine, forestry and other economic and societal actors and sectors in our locations across Europe to help implement concrete products, technologies, activities and practices that severely reduce climate change impacts and advance net- zero greenhouse gas emissions systems, and
  4. We will engage with our life science institutions and campuses in moving towards climate neutrality so that they become beacons of progress and exemplary for other research and teaching institutions.