Ethiopia (Ethiopian Civil Service University) ECSU Registrar and Alumni Directorate Gives Orientation

Ethiopian Civil Service University Registrar and Alumni Directorate gave orientation for new students who joined the university in the 2022/23 academic year on November 09/11/2022 at Abay Hall.

On the program, Dr. Lemma Gudissa, ECSU Academic Vice President, welcomed the students and gave a brief explanation about the overall activities and achievements of the university in building the capacity of the public sector. He also wished a successful learning time to all students and advised them to properly utilize the opportunity they got by joining the university.

ECSU Registrar and Alumni Directorate Director Dr. Abdu Mohammed on his part also welcomed the students on the behalf of the university community and explained to them the rules and regulations that they need to strictly follow during their stay at the university.

College deans and different directorate directors that have direct contact with students on their part also welcomed the students and wished successful learning time  and explained the rules and regulations of their respective offices for smooth communication in their daily activities.