Ethiopia (Ethiopian Civil Service University) Delegates of Nigerian National Institute for Policy and Strategy Studies discusses with the ECSU Management

Delegation from the Nigerian National Institute for Policy and Strategy Studies paid a short visit and held a discussion with the Ethiopian Civil Service University (ECSU) Management on different issues on August 11, 2022, at Hiddassie Hall.

At the opening of the discussion, Professor Fikre Dessalegn,  Ethiopian Civil Service University President, welcomed the delegation and expressed the university community’s pleasure to host the high-level delegation from one of the top universities in Africa. He also noted that ECSU and the Nigerian National Institute for Policy and Strategy Studies have a lot to share and learn from each other to ensure their common vision of strengthening Africa in the academic and general world.

Professor Fikre also briefed the delegation about ECSU and its major contributions to the country since its establishment in 1995. ECSU is among the top national university in the country and accountable to the National Ministry of Education and governed by the board of directors. It has a unique mission of building the capacity of civil servants and became one of the best universities of choice by more than 2.3 million civil servants in the country. By now, about eighty percent of the academic programs of the university are post-graduate programs and the university is moving towards a post graduate and research university, Professor Fikre added. He also indicated that the scholarship program awarded to the IGAD countries and graduates the civil servants from these countries. This has contributed to the regional empowerment within the member countries. The staff members in the Institute of Diplomacy and International Relations of ECSU were also engaged in the Ethio- Nigerian trade commission and contributed their shares in the collaboration of the two countries.

On the program, three presentations on an overview of ECSU’s engagement and contributions to the government of Ethiopia to policy formulation and implementation in the school of policy studies, Research undertakings of policy and strategic issues, and enhancement of leadership by various levels of government structures in Ethiopia were presented by Dr. Dereje Tefera, Dr. Alemayehu Debebe and Dr. Waqgari Negari respectively; and members of the delegation asked what they want to know about ECSU and  further clarification on some issues and the university’s top management gave a detailed explanation to give them overall insights about ECSU.