Sudan (El Imam El Mahdi University) Emergency Deans Council Meeting

Dr. Bilal El Imam Hammad, vice rector of University of El Imam El Mahdi held Emergency Deans Council Meeting in the presence of faculties’ deans to discuss several agendas, mostly important; the faculties’ preparations for examinations and exams placement following the university startup date on June 16, 2019, taking into consideration provision of all requirements to prepare the university’s environment for students stability. During the university administration meeting with Student Welfare Fund, it was insured to the deans of faculties to prepare the lectures and examination halls and put on their timetables  so that lectures can be proceeded and then prepare for examinations. Finally, Dr. Bilal directed the deans to raise the budget proposal and needs so that exams are carried out on time decided and placed by the faculties’ councils according to the schedule plan raised to the university administration.