Nigeria (Edo University Iyamho) U-collect status messages and meanings


1 Status: Declined Transaction
Result: Insufficient funds

Meaning – The funds in the card accounts are not sufficient to meet the

transaction amount and commission

2 Status: Declined Transaction
Result: Authentication Failed

Meaning – The required parameters for validation are not correct (card

number, expiry date, CVC, card pin, OTP code, etc.

3 Status: Approved Transaction
Result: Approved

Meaning – The transaction is successful.

4 Status: Declined Transaction
Result: Not enrolled or element is missing

Meaning – The payment card is not activated for online transaction.

5 Status: Declined Transaction
Result: Transaction amount exceed the allowed limit

Meaning – The transaction amount exceed the daily transaction limit of the

payment card (Visit branch to increase daily limit)

6 Status: Declined Transaction
Result: System error

Meaning – The transaction cannot complete owing to a failure of connection

(System downtime) between the originating bank and the payment platform.

7 Status: Declined Transaction
Result: Prefix not found! For PAN:

Meaning – The card type is not acceptable for competing the initiated

transaction. (Some cards are not acceptable for online transactions). This is determined by the first four digits of the Personal Account Number (PAN)

?    Kindly ensure that your card is properly activated and the daily transaction limit covers the amount to be paid.