East China Normal University (China) Coffee Festival at ECNU:a perfect autumn treat for coffee-lovers

The 10th Huashen Coffee Festival was held on the bank of the Liwa River on the afternoon of November 10, a perfect autumn treats for coffee lovers.

Zhu Min, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of ECNU, Yang Changli, and vice presidents Dai Liyi and Gu Hongliang also attended the event.

This year’s coffee festival had a lot of rich and colourful interactive activities. Festival-goers had great fun reading books over a cup of fragrant coffee, experiencing colour painting, and calligraphy, arranging flowers, listening to the music and chitchatting, and immersing themselves in the poetic campus culture.

Huashen Coffee Festival has been successfully held ten times since 2013, and gradually developed into an annual cultural event of East China Normal University. Every year, the coffee festival is not only a time for teachers and students to enjoy coffee with unique beans, delicious snacks, and live entertainment, but also and opportunity to experience the charm of the university.