Chile (Diego Portales University) Astronomy Nucleus

The Astronomy Nucleus at UDP is a part of the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences. It conducts research in areas ranging from protoplanetary discs and extrasolar planets to supernovas, active galaxy nuclei, and high-redshift galaxies. The group has a strong focus on observational astronomy, developing X-ray, optical, infrared, and radio observations. Its programs use world-class telescopes located in northern Chile as well as space observatories.

Besides research, the Astronomy Nucleus delivers General Astronomy Education courses to different UDP programs and coordinates the special “Honors Diploma” program aimed at students with a particular interest in Astronomy. Since 2019, the Astronomy Nucleus has been offering a Doctorate in Astronomy.

It organizes different outreach activities through public talks known as “Telescope Nights,” courses open to the general public, activities focusing on Inclusive Astronomy, and activities where art and astronomy blend together. Furthermore, the Nucleus’ members are in regular contact with media outlets through interviews with Chilean radio and television.