Egypt (Damietta University) The President of the University inaugurates a maquette for the scheme of Damietta University

Today, Monday, October 31, 2022, Professor Dr. El-Sayed Mohamad Dadour, President of Damietta University, inaugurated the scheme of Damietta University, which was implemented under the supervision of the Faculty of Applied Arts. The opening was attended by Professor Dr. Abd Al Hamid Abd Al-Fattah El-Sayed Khedr, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Professor Dr. Hemdan Rabie Al-Metwally, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Professor Dr. Wael Farouk Al-Tibany, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, and Deans of Faculties. The maquette is the embodiment of what has been accomplished in one of the major national projects, which witnessed a great leap in the rates of what has been accomplished in construction during the past years and with the effort of all university employees. The president of the university stressed that the university is moving in one direction, where everyone competes, each in his field, in order for the university to appear in an honorable manner in various local and international forums. The President of the University also extended his sincere thanks to all the work team that participated in the preparation and preparation of Damietta University plans, headed by Professor Dr. Hatem Mohamad Idris, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts, Dr. Hitham Ibrahim Al-Hadidy, Head of the Industrial Design Department, and professors and students of the Industrial Design Department at the Faculty of Applied Arts, who are:

First, faculty and support staff:

1- Dr. Ahmed Mohamad Zayed Ahmed.

2 – Dr. Mohamad Gamal Al-Garahy.

3- Dr. Islam Mohamed Youssef.

4- Eng. Islam Magdy Al-Saedy.

5- Eng. Mohamed Abdel Razek Al-Dabsha.

6- Eng. Mustafa Mahmoud Al-Bitar.

Second, the student team from the Industrial Design Department:

1- Lubna Majed Hamed Abd Al Samie.

2- Mai Mohamad Ahmed Mohamad.

3- Dina Ibrahim Ibrahim Awad.

4- Islam Zakria Mohamad Abd Al Hamid.

5- Kyrlos Emad Abd Al Tawab Michael.

6- Wissam Hisham Shehata Morsi.

7- Heba Mohamed Ibrahim Hammam.

8- Ahmed Nabil Mohamad Ibrahim.

9-Abd Al Halim Osama Abd Al Halim.

10- Seif Al-Din Ihab Al-Nushuqati.

11- Seif al-Din Mohamad Abd Al-Motalib.

12- Moaz Sami Hussein Rabie.

13- Iyad Jihad Abd Al Jalil Al-Deeb.

14- Sarah Yasser Abdo Al-Gamal.

15- Rofida Al-Sayed Al-Mursi.

16- Rofida Islam Mahmoud.

17- Mohamad Mohsen Emara.

18- Asmaa Mohamad Reda Hilaly.

19- Maryam Ahmed Abd Al Azim.

20- Mustafa Ashraf Farag.

21- Reem Imad Salem Abu Al-Majd.

22- Radwa Mohamad Zagloul.

23- Huda Mohamad Mohamad Hamdy.