Nigeria (Crawford University) UN Innovation and Creativity Day

Crawford University in collaboration with the World Change Summit Group (WCSG) had magnanimously joined the entire world to celebrate the United Nations Innovation  and  Creativity  Day  Celebration,  2022. The program which was the first of it’s type in the University was organized by the Centre for Leadership  and  Gender  Studies  Unit  (CLGS),  and this took place on Friday 6th, April 2022 at the University state-of-the-heart Multipurpose Hall.

Other features at the event gleaned by the University IPPR Unit, was a Public Speaking Talent exhibition, as interested students took turn to showcase their talent at the program. Miss Precious Osaretin Omoragbon thrilled audience during the program with a synthetic lyrics and fantastic eloquence, emerge as the winner in the Public Speaking contest category.

The Guest speaker of the  program, Mr. Muyiwa Fasakin, a global scholar and Life Coach, gave insight on the acrostic bisect of a SICKLE APPROACH to Creating a better future.

In the highlight of the program as covered by the University IPPR, is the Literary & Debating society, who expressed their view on the theme: “Gender Equality is Men’s Fault.”

Winners of the debate emerged from departmental representation of both Students and Lecturers, ranking as thus: Computer Science 1st, Political Science 2nd, and Economics 3rd, with Mr. David Ikudaisi a Lecturer from the Computer Science emerging as the best Speaker.