China (Communication University of China) CMG Africa Station and our university jointly held the 2022 “African Partners” Media Cooperation Forum

(Correspondent Chen Yuan, Liang Kairui) On November 16, the 2022 “African Partners” Media Cooperation Forum jointly organized by the African Station of China Central Radio and Television Station and the Institute of Community of Human Destiny, was held, with the theme of “New Journey and New Development, Chinese and African Media Work Together to Improve Global Communication”. President Zhang Shuting delivered a video speech at the opening ceremony. Senior media officials, journalists, university media scholars from nearly 30 countries in Africa attended the conference. Nearly 50 teachers of the Institute of Community of Human Destiny, African students of the “International Communication in Developing Countries” master’s program of the Institute of Communication, master’s students in the field of national and regional communication practice, and some master’s and doctoral students of the international communication poplar class attended the meeting. The forum also released the “Annual Survey Report on African Communication by China Central Radio and Television Corporation (2021-2022)” completed by the African Media Research Center of the Academy of Community of Shared Future for Mankind and African universities.

This is another time that China has conveyed to the world its firm belief and direction in safeguarding world peace and development. The 2022 “Africa Partner” Media Cooperation Forum jointly held by China Central Radio and Television and the University is a strategic dialogue and exchange activity held by both sides to practice the spirit of the Twentieth National Congress and jointly promote the building of a community of shared future between China and Africa in a new era. In his speech, President Zhang Shuting stressed that for a long time, China and Africa have kept watch and helped each other, and their friendship has been lasting. It is in the common and long-term interests of China and Africa to strengthen media cooperation between China and Africa and tell a good story of China Africa cooperation.

President Zhang Shuting introduced our development and achievements in the fields of international communication, media research in China and Africa, and education. Communication University of China has always been committed to “strengthening the construction of international communication capacity, enhancing the communication power and influence of Chinese civilization”, strengthening national and regional research, strengthening and expanding international precision communication, and building a high-end platform for international communication from a high starting point. The co organizer of this forum, the first research institute of a community with a shared future for mankind in China, is an international high-end think tank founded by the university based on its own disciplinary advantages and actively explaining and disseminating the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind. The Institute of the Community of Human Destiny has established four joint research centers in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Angola to continuously promote effective academic dialogue and exchanges between China and Africa.
President Zhang Shuting pointed out that since its establishment in 2012, the School’s African Media Research Center has established extensive and in-depth cooperation with China’s media related to Africa, media universities in African countries and local media in Africa; In our master’s program of “International Communication in Developing Countries”, we have participated in training hundreds of high-level African media journalists and information officials; At the same time, in-depth research was carried out on topics such as China’s communication with Africa, public diplomacy, and the development of African media, which effectively promoted academic research and educational exchanges in the media field between China and Africa. The Forum released the 2021-2022 Annual Survey Report of China Central Radio and Television Station in Africa on Communication in Africa jointly completed by the African Media Research Center and African research institutions, which is a strong witness to another in-depth cooperation between Chinese and African media and scholars.
President Zhang Shuting stressed that the school has paid special attention to educational exchanges involving Africa in recent years, and has trained nearly 400 overseas students from more than 30 African countries. Most of them are active in the fields of news communication, information, culture and diplomacy after graduation; At the same time, there are also many excellent alumni of China Communications Corporation who shoulder heavy responsibilities for non communication media institutions in China, such as CMG Africa Terminal. President Zhang Shuting expressed the greetings and blessings of his alma mater to all CBC alumni in Africa. He hoped that the CBC alumni could inherit and carry forward the CBC spirit and shine in life on the broad stage of building a community of shared future for China and Africa in the new era!