University of Zagreb (Croatia) – Climate-KIC project „Agricultural Risk Metrics, ARM-SaaS Tool for the needs of Farmers“

University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture is a leader of the new project „Agricultural Risk Metrics, ARM-SaaS Tool for the needs of Farmers“ financed by the Climate-KIC.

Professor Mario Njavro, PhD and assistant Tajana Čop, MSc from the Department of Management and Rural Entrepreneurship work on the project. Partner on the project is Genillard & Co from München, Germany along with the support of tech-partner OSINT Analytics from Norway.

Project summary
Due to climate change and weather extreme events, farmers are suffering more frequently from crop losses. To properly respond to these increasing risks, farmers need to gain the information they require in an understandable and practice-oriented way. ARM is currently designed for the use of the insurance industry, and has potential as beneficial risk management tool for farmers in Croatia. The aim of the project is to examine the application possibilities and acceptance of ARM among farmers, as well as to gain inputs to improve the features of the current ARM platform through workshop with farmers. Regional know-how and social aspects about farming in Croatia is combined with technical and methodological know-how about risk analysis. Project will result in new product.