Chongqing University (China) Fighting the “epidemic” with one heart and warming the heart Chongqing University has taken multiple measures to protect the growth of students

During the epidemic prevention and control period, Chongqing University has always put students’ life safety and physical and mental health first, fully implemented the guarantee of daily necessities and epidemic prevention materials, carried out a variety of “cloud” activities such as thought leadership, academic exchanges, job search guidance, poetry conferences and other colorful “cloud” activities to enrich students’ learning and after-school life, and took multiple measures to care for students’ growth and be the warmest guardian of students.

Warm and protective with heart and affection

The school leaders sink to the front line to command, the main person in charge of the college sticks to the front line, the student team covers the student dormitory, fully understands the students’ situation and demands, responds to students’ concerns in a timely manner, helps students solve practical difficulties, and unites and leads students to fight the epidemic with the practical actions of “being in one place” and “heart together”.

On the basis of ensuring the daily life and learning needs of all students, the school has equipped a special working group for students under health observation to provide “one-on-one” precise care, solve the practical difficulties encountered by students, and enhance students’ confidence in fighting the epidemic. For student buildings under temporary control, the school establishes a building director system work team, equipped with full-time counselors, mental health education teachers, district instructors, etc., to comprehensively do a good job in daily education management work such as students’ thought leadership, psychological counseling, meal distribution, material distribution, data mapping, and nucleic acid testing.

“In the current epidemic, there are no bystanders, no outsiders.” Ren Chao, a counselor of the School of Materials, has been settled in the student dormitory for 13 days, taking the office as his home, sticking to his post 24 hours a day, understanding the needs of students in a timely manner, solving problems for students at any time, solving problems such as medical treatment, buying medicines, purchasing daily necessities, and repairing electrical appliances, and conducting psychological counseling for students… He is affectionately called “Superman Teacher” by students, but he laughingly calls himself “nucleic acid code scanner”, “medical companion”, “order maintenance officer”, “epidemic prevention telephone liaison”, although his identity is constantly changing, but the original intention of caring for students and serving students has always been the same.

During the epidemic, counselors have also responded to the “just needs” of haircuts for students, especially male students. Undergraduate college counselor Shu Hui is a popular “Tony” teacher among students, after understanding the needs of students for haircuts, Shu Hui volunteered to give students a haircut, “At first I was a little worried, but after the cut, I found that the students were very satisfied”, received the praise of the students, Shu Hui was full of happiness, she said: “Although technology is not professional, but the heart to provide convenience for students is indeed very sincere”.

Colorful online activities to empower the body and mind

Online propaganda of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, online academic lectures, class cloud recitation, the most beautiful study notes… Focusing on the five educations of morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetics, and labor, the school organized a variety of “cloud” campus cultural activities, and organized online Q&A activities for public basic courses of “Xueba Duty Room” to lead students to fight the “epidemic” together on the cloud and build a good learning style.

The online joint propaganda activity of the 20th Party Congress of Sichuan-Chongqing University Graduate Students sponsored by the Department of Research and Engineering and the Graduate School attracted more than 2,300 graduate students from more than 20 Sichuan-Chongqing universities to participate, triggering a spiritual upsurge of Sichuan-Chongqing youth learning the 20th Congress. The Youth League Committee of the school has widely carried out the 20th National Congress of the Party spirit publicity activities among young students in the school, set up a youth propaganda group, let “people around them talk about the things around them”, and make good use of new media platforms so that young students can understand, understand and implement.

Since November, the Department of Research and Engineering and the Graduate School have continued to hold 9 online lectures of the Master’s Forum, covering academic frontier sharing, academic experience exchange and other aspects, with more than 2,000 online participants, building a high-quality academic exchange platform for graduate students. The school Youth League Committee organized and carried out classroom note sharing and punching activities to create a rich learning atmosphere of “catching up with learning and helping out”.