Ghana (Central University) Partner with Credible Private Universities to Expand Enrolment in Higher Education- CU VC

The Vice chancellor of Central University, Professor Bill Buenar Puplampu has called on the government to partner credible private universities as an alternative strategy to achieving the President’s desire to achieve 40% gross enrolment ration in higher education.

He made this submission at the 25th Matriculation ceremony of the university which came off on Wednesday 30th March 2022 at the Miotso campus.

He further said that even though there is some merit in the government’s intention to wean public higher education institutions off subvention, this should be undertaken with due consultation and in a phased manner being mindful of the implications on the entire ecosystem.

Professor Puplampu also advocated for the introduction of a fee credit/voucher system as a viable strategy to increase and even out access to higher education by allowing Ghanaian students to take up available slots in private universities. ’With such a system, students can opt for programmes of choice and top-up the fees where necessary. There are far too many over-crowded lecture halls in public universities while similar programme spaces remain available in private institutions’, he stated.

Addressing the students, he admonished them to take advantage of their freedom at the university and take control of their social space being cautious of negative peer pressure and its consequences on their lives and aspirations.