Central Academy of Drama (China) The 5th Headmasters Conference Of The World Drama Education Alliance Was Successfully Held

On October 21st, Beijing time, the 5th Headmasters Conference of the World Theater Education Alliance was successfully held. The principals conference was held online, and principals and representatives of famous drama schools from China, Germany, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries attended the meeting.

After listening to the 2020-2022 report on the activities of the alliance, the delegates first voted by a show of hands for Hao Rong, the dean of the Central Academy of Drama, to be re-elected as the secretary-general of the alliance. October 2022 to October 2027.

In addition, the meeting also discussed the proposal to hold the International Student Drama Festival in 2023. The meeting proposed that the International Student Drama Festival of the Union will be held in Beijing and Guilin in October 2023, and “Shakespeare’s Tragedy” and “Native Writers “Works” together as the theme of the drama festival, further expanding the choice and performance space of various institutions.

Subsequently, the meeting voted on proposals to regularly produce alliance circulars and establish a database of drama education resources. The alliance decided that in the future, it will carry out more extensive information sharing to deal with the impact of the epidemic on international exchanges, and at the same time continue to expand the resource pool to achieve in-depth cooperation among affiliated institutions and win-win cooperation between teachers and students in the academic circle. In the future, all member schools and secretariats of the World Drama Education Alliance will work together to implement various resolutions, continuously strengthen cultural exchanges and consensus among countries, deepen friendship, enhance understanding, and jointly promote the development and prosperity of world theater education.