UK (Cardiff University) Chair of UKRI visits Cardiff

During his visit, Sir Andrew met directors, academic leaders and professional staff from Media Cymru, the Cyber Innovation Hub, the Social Science Research Park (SPARK) and Cardiff Innovations, the Translational Research Hub (TRH), the world’s first Compound Semiconductor cluster CSconnected, and directors of the four new Cardiff University Innovation Institutes. He also met UKRI Future Leader Fellows and University Deans of Research.

Knighted in 2020 for services to business, science and technology, Sir Andrew said: “Visits like these are the best part of my job. It is incredibly satisfying and rewarding to see the vibrant communities that form around research and innovation in every part of the UK, filled with passionate people and world changing ideas. I would like to thank all those involved and behind the scenes who are working with UKRI in transforming tomorrow together.”

Cardiff University President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Colin Riordan, said it was an honour to introduce Sir Andrew to talented academic researchers across multiple disciplines whilst showcasing Cardiff’s recent investments – including Abacwssbarc|spark, the Translational Research Hub and the School of Journalism, Media and Culture.

“Sir Andrew has transitioned from an early career as a distinguished organic geochemist to a hugely successful role as an industry leader,” said Professor Riordan.

“He therefore understands firsthand how leading academic research and university investment in best-in-class facilities combine to give real innovation opportunities to a range of organisations, from media companies and microchip manufacturers to charities and government. Our recent analysis of Cardiff’s economic impact underlines the importance of our people and our partnerships.”

Professor Roger Whitaker, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Enterprise, said: “It was a pleasure to share our research directions, innovation and collaborative relationships through this two-day visit. We are pleased that UKRI understands the importance of the place-agenda and the substantial social and economic impact of investment in research and innovation for Wales and the UK.”

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