Capital Normal University (China) The First Class Teacher Chen Qian Gave A Lecture On Ideological And Political Courses To The 2022 Dance Majors Of The Conservatory Of Music

On the afternoon of November 10, Chen Qian, the first class teacher, taught the ideological and political course “Let Youth Bloom Gorgeous Flowers” to the students of the 2022 dance normal class in the second dance classroom of the Conservatory of Music. Li Yuanyuan, deputy secretary of the party committee of the college, Yao Haijing, the class teacher, All the students of the 2022 dance normal class listened together.

With the theme of studying the meaning of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to the growth and success of young people, Chen Qian described why, as a young man in the new era, he should learn, talk about, and use theory, how to understand and grasp the quadrant of time and space in which he lives, and how to live up to his responsibility. Youthful youth, do a good job of the youth of the times, and shared with the students the content of the speech given by General Secretary Xi Jinping when he came to our school to guide the work in 2009. He said that young people should have the spirit of daring to think, dare to do, and be good at doing good things. They should unify their personal ideals with the Chinese dream, and be good young people in the new era who have ideals, dare to take responsibility, can endure hardships, and are willing to struggle.

After class, two students, Yu Shengyi and Liu Jiaqi, spoke as class student representatives and gave feedback on their learning experience; Yao Haijing advocated that the whole class should study hard, understand with heart, and put it into practice, and placed unlimited expectations on the growth and development of the students.