Capital Normal University (China) Our School And Victoria University Of Wellington Held The Establishment Ceremony Of The Center Of Excellence In Education

On November 15, the inauguration ceremony of the “Education Center of Excellence” jointly established by Capital Normal University and Victoria University of Wellington was held online. Dong Zhixue, Education Counselor of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in New Zealand, Michael Zhang, New Zealand Education Counselor in China, Fang Fuquan, President of Capital Normal University, Cai Chun, Dean of the School of Education, Zhang Zengtian, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Education, and Zhang Shuang, Vice President of the School of Education , Zhu Xiaohong and Qiao Ailing, Han Mei, director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Lu Qiaomei, deputy director, and some teachers from the School of Education attended the inauguration ceremony online. The executive vice president of Victoria University of Wellington, Blair McRae, and the dean of the Faculty of Education, Stephen Dobson, also participated in the establishment ceremony.

The education counselors of the Chinese and New Zealand embassies and the principals of the two sides delivered speeches respectively. Dong Zhixue pointed out that the two schools have many similarities in terms of policy channels, school-running philosophy, and development of educational disciplines, and both have first-class teaching and scientific research resources. The cooperation between the two schools this time can be described as a strong alliance. Mike Zhang said that as the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and New Zealand is approaching, the two universities have broken through various obstacles and established a cooperative partnership during the epidemic, which is an adaptable and innovative approach in the face of new challenges in the international situation. Excellent example.

Fang Fuquan briefly introduced the general situation of our school’s education disciplines, emphasized the importance of strengthening international exchanges and cooperation, and said that the school will continue to support the construction of an excellent education center, strengthen cooperation with Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and continuously promote the education of the two schools. In-depth exchanges and mutual visits. Blair McRae said that the partnership with Capital Normal University is very important, and he will fully promote the new cooperation between the two universities, and wished that the partnership between the two universities will continue to flourish in the future.

Cai Chun said that the establishment of the Center of Excellence in Education has laid a solid foundation for the in-depth cooperation between universities in the two countries. He highlighted the history of the development of education disciplines in Capital Normal University, and said that the School of Education will actively serve the country’s major strategies and cooperate with overseas countries. Well-known universities strengthen cooperation and expand international channels for talent training. Stephen Dobson said that in the post-epidemic era, the education colleges of the two universities should formulate more important and detailed cooperation strategies, build a bridge between each other, and meet new challenges in various forms.

In the scholar forum, Zhang Shuang discussed the necessity of transforming a good school into a high-quality education group from four aspects: the connotation of education groups, the reasons for group-run schools, the current progress in group-run schools, and issues to be discussed. Stephen Dobson expounded on the difficulties faced by New Zealand schools in the post-epidemic era, and called for building a new world of health, bravery and happiness.

The Excellence Education Center will be committed to promoting the sharing of educational resources by teachers and students of both schools, bringing together multiple forces, helping to cultivate high-level international education talents, and realizing the leapfrog development of international education!